Style mood : jewellery for love


Embrace the romantic in you with the help of a love affirmation!

Take yourself, or your loved one, out for a glass of wine! We are wearing our Whole Heartely silver pendant necklace layered with our Wise Whispers silver chain choker + Lucky Ride ring!

February 04, 2019

Style Mood: Statement Earring

Stand out from the crowd with edgy-fine-lined-geometric makeup and a statement earring - we like our silver Boundless Bind Bar Earrings.


January 15, 2019

The Sun Keeps Shining


Warm tones, yellow and white with a layer of gold - wear our Pinnacle gold ring with Return To Innocence gold pendant necklace.


January 15, 2019

Blushing Halo


Summer days in body suits, hues of blue and huge silver hoops! - Now on sale!  - Mix in a bit of red and a wide silver ring with that glow summer skin! 

January 10, 2019

Layering necklaces for summer days


Embrace the long hot summer days with breezy tops and layered necklaces. We like to match one of our gold pendants necklaces with a delicate silver choker necklace and one of our stacking rings.


December 14, 2018

Style Inspiration : Start of Summer



Feeling the summer sun, we want neutrals and a touch of gold! Max a beige swim suit with a off white sip dress, a statement ring and earrings with a touch of gold. Check out our climbing earring studs: Composed Comet or our Eye ring: For See. Both handmade in Sterling Silver and gold plated to perfection.


November 20, 2018

Style Mood : June


Our fashion mood for June is very much light beige and airy! 

Love the combination of our Cherry on Top Earrings, Paradise Found cuff bracelet, white, beige and dusty pink!



May 30, 2018

Intention of the moth : Self Love

Our intention of March is to be our very own best friend. Treat ourselves with respect, love and kindness and like you would a friend. 

Please nurture your relationship and repeat after us:

I love myself.
I am never alone.
I am kind to myself.
I respect myself.
I am proud.
I am my own bff.



Gift yourself with our BFF ring sets made with love, Twin Flames bff ring set and Better Half bff ring set

March 01, 2018

Jewellery Set : Oceans


Internal Muse would like to remind you that; 

"Inspiration can come from within as much as it can come from others." 

Attraction is high as you are fully connected internally, letting you express yourself in all aspects of life. 

Be at peace, for you are beautiful and loved. If you see the love within you and act with comfortable confidence the Ocean of Possibilities will return it to you ten fold and success shall be yours.


June 17, 2017

Jewellery Set


Internal Muse and Noble Steed have wonderful powers when worn together. 

This combo will help you ride into new directions and awaken your own freedom. 

Attraction is high as you are fully connected internally, letting you express yourself in all aspects of life. Watching a spark turn into a flame and stroking that fire is a gratifying activity. 

February 21, 2017