Flamingo : Playful Dancer

The flamingo has entered your life to encourage you to enjoy the company of others and take time to play.

By immersing yourself in good company new ideas will emerge. 

Allow yourself to process your emotions and take time to think about how you feel, this will help you grow and find balance in what you have. By cleansing and filtering the good and the bad the flamingo truly understands how to achieve and maintain balance in your life.

It signals a time of cleansing and filtering to find out what nourishes and heals the heart. The flamingo shows you how to follow your heart in all of your endeavors.

Once you take it upon yourself to love, honor and respect your heart and remove any harmful influencers, you will find that the world will reflect that love back to you.

January 14, 2017 by Louise Odelberg
Tags: Intention